Want to hire Christine to be your personal script consultant?

Christine is available to consult on your short script or feature-length screenplay.


$700 USD – Feature-length screenplay (110 pages or fewer, $5 per each additional page)

$300 USD – Short screenplay (40 pages or fewer, $5 per each additional page)

Contact Christine for more information and availability.

What Christine’s clients have to say…

“I’d recommend Christine to anyone who wants to take their script—and their writing skills—to the next level. Not only did she go to a level of detail that exceeded my expectations, but her notes were insightful, creative, and practical. I left the engagement energized and full of ideas for where to go next!”      -Aaron H.

“Wow! I’m delighted! These are not only the best script notes ever, but also the most efficient screenwriting class I’ve ever attended (and believe me, there have been a lot of them in the past year, some of them I walked away from). You are really worth your money! Thank you so much!”      -Hans-Peter Z.

“Christine’s thoughtful, detailed, and constructive notes were the equivalent of taking an entire semester of a screenwriting class! She has the keen ability to guide you through a process of taking your script to a much higher professional level. With her own numerous writing, producing, and directing credits, Christine is able to provide a level of industry insight that’s essential for those wanting to become professional screenwriters.” – Michael P.