‘Obsession’ trilogy premieres on Lifetime

Lifetime is starting off the summer with a July “Obsession” thriller event. The “Thrillogy” starts on July 10th and runs through the weekend until July 12th, and the three-night movie event tells the disturbing story of Madison Turner and her roommate Blake Collins. The movie stars Celeste Desjardins and Travis Nelson, and Lifetime’s description reads, “Their romantic high quickly crashes as Blake’s warped obsession and fixation with Madison leads them both down a road of danger and deceit.”

If you need to set a reminder, each intertwined movie will premiere at 8pm ET/PT on the three consecutive nights.

The Obsession “Thrillogy” includes “Obsession: Stalked by my Lover,” “Obsession: Escaping My Ex,” and “Obsession: Her Final Vengeance.” You can find the official descriptions below, as well as the premiere dates for each of the three films.

Obsession: Stalked by My Lover (July 10)

When college student Madison Turner’s roommate abruptly leaves, she is forced to quickly find a new one. With very few suitable prospects for a roommate, Madison settles on Blake Collins (Nelson) – attractive, charismatic and, best of all, willing to pay her 2 months’ rent in advance. They hit it off instantly and soon their relationship turns from that of platonic roommates to a romantic couple. But Blake has ulterior motives, with his sights set on more than meets the eye.

Obsession: Escaping My Ex (July 11)

Blake (Nelson) cannot get Madison (Desjardins) out of his mind and will stop at nothing to have her by his side – even if it means kidnapping her. With his nefarious plan underway, Blake extorts money from Madison’s sister Evie (Kelly Hope Taylor) in hopes of financing his and Madison’s future.

Obsession: Her Final Vengeance (July 12)

After the traumatic experience with Blake (Nelson), Madison (Desjardins) is trying to forget the horrific ordeal he’s put her through. But little does Madison know that Blake’s psychotic sister, Lisa (Anastasia Phillips), is determined to settle the score.

The Obsession “Thrillogy” movies are executive produced by Pierre David, Tom Berry, Sebastian Battro and Christine Conradt. Melissa Cassera wrote all three scripts, and Alexandre Carriere directed “Obsession: Stalked by my Lover” and “Obsession: Escaping My Ex.” Curtis Crawford directed the last movie, “Obsession: Her Final Vengeance.”

Christine to Speak at Writers Digest Annual Conference

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